Review Of The Torro Leather iPad Pro Case

Review Of The Torro Leather iPad Pro Case post thumbnail

If you care for your devices and are proud to own it then you need to think seriously about how you cover and protect them. I get sick and tired of so many reviews for products that “do the job” but if you really care, and I do mean “really care” for the devices you have spent a small fortune on, then you MUST be more responsible with your choices and not be like a load of sheep and follow the tribe. 

Yes, you could say that I am passionate about my devices, I clean them and protect them with the best products that I can find. Why? Well, I have just bought the new iPad Pro 12.9” for over $1.5k, I am not going to chuck it into a supermarket carrier bag to take it into the office. Please people, care for your devices by using the best accessories to protect and preserve them. In many cases I sell my old hardware for top dollar because they are as good as the day I bought them. I even keep every box, plastic cover and warranty manual so that it catches the eye and money of the astute buyer.

Please people, care for your devices…

I have scoured the Internet for a decent case for my iPad Pro 12.9”. I already have the Magic  Keyboard but I tend to have that on my desk and take the iPad off when I go out. I don’t want to carry the weight of the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard, anyway, I have the Apple Pencil and I like using the iPad for note writing in meetings, the Magic Keyboard has a huge design flaw in that respect so I use the keyboard at my desk or on my lap writing reviews like this one.

There are plenty of cases out there that “do the job” very well but almost all of them lack something important, design. I want my iPad to look the job, to say, “I care for my device”. After looking for a very long time and comparing specifications and reviews, I chose the TORRO leather case and added the leather pencil case. So why did I get this one and what do I really think of it?

The Product Spec

The case ticks all the boxes in regards to it’s specification, I use magnetic connectors and this case allows me to fit these with very little difficulty. All in all it does what many other cases do for a lot less:

  • Handcrafted from premium US cowhide leather.
  • Microfibre lined front cover to protect your iPad display.
  • Elasticated closing strap.
  • Full access to Touch ID and volume buttons, charging port and camera.
  • Integrated anti-slip stand function allowing three different viewing angles.
  • Indented groove to facilitate Apple Pencil charging.
  • Compatible with the device’ wake/sleep functionality.
  • Compatible with the TORRO Apple Pencil Sleeve (sold separately).

Protection for the iPad

The case is strong and ridged. The surrounding for the iPad is a quality plastic which holds the iPad nice and tight while giving access to the USB-C port and the power and volume buttons. I use magnetic “MagSafe” connectors for my devices and the gap for the USB-C port also fitted my magnetic connector. Unlike the Magic Keyboard, this case protects my iPad on all sides and I do feel much happier carrying the iPad around with this case with the assurance that it will be protected if I did accidentally drop it.

Quality of the Build

Toro’s mission is to “make premium quality, original leather products for those who value quality, craftsmanship and design” and I can truly say that they have achieved that with 5 stars. TORRO UK source quality leather from around the globe which is chosen for its suitability to make these durable cases. The majority of the leather comes from the USA with a high percentage of the production work finished by hand, TORRO feel that the difference is in the detail.

I chose the Black/Red which means that I have red stitching and a red bulls head logo on the cover. I also went for my monogram to be embossed on the case in red, I want to be proud of my stuff and own my choices. I must say that the red on black looks superb, you can see the design and craftsmanship, it jumps out at you. The smell of leather is also part of the overall experience that this case gives and I can honestly say that it looks and smells of quality.


The TORRO magnetic leather case not only gives me full protection of my iPad Pro 12.9” but also gives me complete flexibility when it comes to using the iPad.  

The case will fold back on itself allowing me to have access to the tablet screen with nothing hindering my Apple Pencil or finger gestures.The front cover also has ribs built into the inside of the cover to allow you to fold the case and support the iPad at several angles which are ideal for those video conferencing calls via Zoom, FaceTime, etc., gaming, or watching films when stuck in an airport or hotel room during business trips. The angles that the ribs provide are limited but they do cover all the needs that I have had so far.

The front cover facilitates the wake/sleep function of the iPad by simply lifting and closing the cover, magnets are a wonderful thing.

The Apple Pencil Case

Much like the case for the iPad this item provides great protection to the pencil while maintaining the feeling of quality and craftsmanship. The Pencil Case is magnetic and does attach to the iPad case but I would not rely on this. This is a great companion for the iPad Case but I would not say that it was essential as the iPad case does allow you to place the Apple Pencil onto the side of the iPad for charging, I just wish they had added a strap to hold the pencil in place.The Apple Pencil Case

In Summary

If you are serious about your devices then spend a bit more on protecting them, be proud of what you have. This case is not cheap, neither is it extortionately expensive, especially if you consider how much your tablet is worth. It feels great and looks like it has been crafted and designed by people who care. The iPad is very well protected and the case is ideal for taking into meetings and opening up for note taking. The viewing angles are great for watching films or video conferencing. I say “get one”, don’t be a cheap skate, your devices deserve some love and protection, visit for more details.


– Quality leather

– Design points

– Microfibre Protection

– All round iPad protection

– Magnetic wake/sleep support


– Limited angles with the trifold front cover

– No strap to keep the Apple Pencil in place on side of the iPad

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